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services overview


Let one of our horticulturists come out and assist you in all aspects of your landscaping needs. We will provide expert solutions from design & installation to maintenance & repair.


Our licensed pesticide applicators are able to custom tailor a turf management program sure to have your neighbors green with envy. We abide by all rules and regulations and work directlry with Clemson Univeristy.


If you have a material list and would like competitive pricing, feel free to give us a call or email and we will be sure to get you the best pricing available. We require a reasonable delivery fee within the tri county area.


There are many alternatives in lieu of synthetic chemicals that may be harmful to you, your pets, and the environment. If you are interested in organic solutions we've got you covered.


Our certified landscape designer can provide you with a wide variety of design options. Ranging from the economical to the extravagant we will deliver you a beautifully functional landscape.


Irrigation and lighting systems can be quite intricate. At S.O.S. we are able to simplify these systems with the use of AUTOCAD software. We provide detailed maps of all installations to reduce future maintenance costs and downtime.


Southern Outdoor Solutions works in conjunction with other local small businesses. We do what it takes to please the end user in an effective and cost efficient manner. From working directly with other landscape companies to using local growers/suppliers to offer wholesale pricing on larger scales.


S.O.S. can provide beautiful hardscapes in conjunction with your landscape to offer an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor living space. From pergolas and decks to paver walk ways and patios we've got you covered. We are beginning to offer outdoor kitchens this fall as well.


A solution is all you need. A Southern Outdoor Solution that is. Our quality workmanship and eye for detail keep us a cut above the rest. We believe that accountability creates excellence and an open line of communication is sure to keep us on the right track. Why don't we cut your neighbor's lawn?

landscape design

Preliminary designs are offered at $300 and include a rough outline on your current plat. We will pull your plat and put it to scale while adding beds, plantings, and hardscape features as desired. Complete designs range from $500 - $3000 and are turn key. They include a plant materials list, AUTOCAD layouts for plantings, lighting, and irrigation. Our complete landscape designs are deductible from most installations should we do the work!


Currently we are expanding our hardscaping efforts. We are designing more outdoor living and kitchen areas to maximize our customers outdoor experience. These features not only maximize square footage outdoors, they also provide great additional value to your home. We specialize in pergolas, decks, patios and fire pits. We also work hand in hand with local pool installers to provide that backyard oasis you may be looking for.


While organic gardening and lawn care may seem to be the latest rage, it is not widely offered by local landscape companies. The reason for this typically is that it is not cost effective for the operators to manage these properties. The results are often slow and it is more of a process than both the provider and consumer are willing to invest in. At S.O.S. we are looking to simplify this process. It is our intention to work hand in hand with homeowners to educate them on organic lawn care so that they can care for their lawn with minimal assistance or fully understand the intricacies involved by outsourcing their organic lawn care.

lighting & irrigation

Lighting and irrigation are the "fine tuning" aspects of any landscaping project. Irrigation supplies the necessary water to maintain a lush, green turf during the dry summer months. Lighting provides added low cost security and transforms a well designed landscape in the hours of darkness. From rain sensors and LED bulbs to drip zones and down lighting, S.O.S. has the solution you need. Maintaining these systems has become a headache due to many installers failing to provide detailed schematics of the work they have done. At Southern Outdoor Solutions we always provide the consumer with an AUTOCAD design of the lighting or irrigation system that we install.